stereolize in 100 seconds

We create
3D presentations

Compelling faszination. Presentations boost budgets, careers and change. Interactive presentations channel attention and pin point the essence. Stereolize combines the latest technologies with content consultation for a spot-on momentum of success.

We engineer
experiential exhibits

Understanding is more than touching. Digital exhibits trigger childlike enthusiasm and grown-up curiosity. Precise content enriched by interactive experience creates personal experiences – brought to life through technological innovation and brilliant design.

We design
interactive showrooms

Client servicing at its best. We create spaces for unprecedented attention. Dive into your interactive story with all senses – discerning and individual like your visitors. Through interlocking all content, we create intense and lasting experiences.

We produce unforgettable
live events

Surprise through emotions. Our shows create fascinating insights in hidden dimensions of your brand. We stage powerful performances – unique as your occasion and your strategic goal. Informative or entertaining, expect amazing.

We develop real-time
data visualizations

A new dimension for corporate success. You will have never seen your operating figures more distinctively. We transform real-time data into clear pictures, enabling you to make decisions in unprecedented efficiency. Because data will always tell stories – and these stories need to be interpreted.

We help our clients by delivering award-winning
interactive solutions to enhance
their unique brands and products.