Dennis Schäfer
as new Head of Design

Munich’s innovation specialists strengthen their team with the visionary designer and interface professional Dennis Schäfer.

Stereolize, well-known for award-winning and interactive communication solutions and innovative designs further develop their impressive team portfolio. Dennis Schäfer will from now on be supporting the creative team in his role as Head of Design. Munich-based, Dennis could make a name for himself worldwide in the last years as designer and ventuz artist.

He was able to collect a quite impressive portfolio during various projects around the globe. With a skillset ranging from animation and concept design to UI design the 28 year old was able to contribute to an impressive amount of projects with a focus on futuristic and innovative design for interactive solutions in real-time. Thanks to his forward-looking work, not only a broad public paid attention to him but he was also able to win important awards such as the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015 and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD SPECIAL 2016.
Together with Dennis, Stereolize will be further working on his reputation as leading innovation center.