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– CES 2017 –

Based on our successful strategic relationship, stereolize was asked to help bring the next evolution of Corning’s vision for advanced glass technologies to life at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  in Las Vegas. As introduced in Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass” video series, Corning showcased how those immersive and interactive experiences are here and real today, all enabled by precision glass. . stereolize has been helping Corning develop a series of innovative product fields that demonstrate where Corning’s advanced glass technologies can play a major role in changing and even disrupting markets.

Thus we took some typical experiences and redefined their capabilities to exhibit how we are living in the Glass Age. Imagine driving, collaborating, and even exercising in completely new ways – as demonstrated by a series of prototypes that were unveiled in the Corning booth at CES.

Connected Car

Corning’s 2017 Connected Car prototype gracefully served as the hero of itsbooth and the highlight for the show. The automotive industry is a great example of where highly advanced glass will change and improve the driving experience. We upgraded all exterior and interior glass surfaces with value added features, like touch functionality, tinting, and additional display areas. By doing so, we were able to create a comprehensive showcase for Corning’s possible future impact to the automotive industry.


Fitness Mirror

The Fitness Mirror intrigued visitors through innovative display technologies and high-bandwidth connectivity with wearables – Intended to create a better, more individualized workout session for the fitness industry in public places, hotel gyms, and even private homes, the Fitness Mirror provided on-demand workouts, personal training tips, and even biometric updates all on one display.


Collaboration Hubs

Two fully interactive and interconnected Collaboration Hubs showed how collaborative work and play will seamlessly match the different environments of our future everyday life.


Collaboration Table


Music by Kai Engel // The Moments of Our Mornings


Packed with stunning visionary product ideas, Corning’s booth at CES 2017 was well attended by decision makers and also generated excellent media coverage throughout the show. The Glass Age is here and real today.