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Microsoft Envisioning Center
– MTC –

To create the ultimate Think-Tank working and presentation environment, Microsoft established the Microsoft Envisioning Center, a multifunctional showroom that leaves no requirements unanswered, when it comes to modern means of information transfer.

Stereolize was assigned to conceptualize and realize the technical features of the MTC and also provide the respective interactive content. The outcome was an impressive setting with a multitude of awesome features. Now the presenter can individually compose his own presentation or show with any amount of movies, images and other input he needs to bring his messages across. The special resolution screen with 8.320 pixels in width and 1.200 pixels height leaves tons of space for content that needs to be shown. In addition the screen is curved to give the audience a more immersed feeling. Despite the curvy set-up the entire screen is interactive and this way represents a giant touch screen that enables the presenter to navigate his own content to his individual liking. The entire screen is run through only one V-Box that gives signals to six projectors. Also the Envisioning Center has a live-tracking system that tracks the speaker in front of the screen and gives information to the lighting system. This way, a follow spot is always on the speaker to set the right light.