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2022 FIFA World Cup - Bidding Nation Qatar 
Doha, Qatar

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Bid Showroom

The 2022 FIFA World Cup bid for Qatar competed against nine football nations. Qatar was the only one with almost no existing infrastructure to host the event. This is why their presentation to the FIFA Committee had to convince and not only surprise. Stereolize created a whole innovative showroom for this purpose.

Inside the interactive area of the presentation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar bid

2022 FIFA World Cup Presentation. 

A view of the venue where the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar bid presentation

Stereolize was asked to create an environment that could impress the FIFA Committee and also address the critical issues that were against this candidature. When having to host an event of these proportions, Qatar had to demonstrate that the country would be ready to offer great infrastructures and become the right venue for such a sporting kermesse. 

It was key to Stereolize to work on aspects such as Qatar’s tradition and its role in ensuring a sustainable future. Also, there was a need to explain how the infrastructure would become real in the established time-frame. Finally, we had to make sure that values such as hospitality, such an important matter to this country. 

An interactive scenario for Qatar 2022
A living space in which dimensions are replaced by the experience
Compelling visuals to show how the 2022 FIFA World Cup would look like

How will Qatar 2022 look like.

In order to do all this, we developed a virtual environment of how Qatar would look like in 2022. Assuming that it would become the 2022 World Cup location, we displayed all the thrive and ideas that gave shape to Qatar’s concept.

The perfect scenario.

We shaped the space into a round area. This was the place where we set up a 270 degrees projection with 36 projectors. This round area surrounded an 8x8 meters living room scenario, encased inside an interactive projection glass.

As a result, the visitors would seat inside a glass cube, whose front part became a series of holographic screens. These then served as interactive projection screens, where to obtain all the information regarding the bid with different chapters, depending on the topic.

The diagram with the full setup of the space for the presentation

Showing the World Cup stadiums.

Hence, Stereolize was capable of bringing the scenario for Qatar 2022 to life. The FIFA Technical Committee had a chance to see how the World Cup stadiums would look like. We managed to cover all the topics, like accommodations, transportation, security, etc. All the technological information was available to the audience to understand the strengths of Qatar as host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

An animation of one of the stadiums for the 2022 Qatar World Cup
Emotional animation showing the sunset on the desert in Qatar
A detail of a football, symbolizing the 2022 FIFA World Cup
The presentation area with the claim Expect Amazing in the background

Expect an amazing World Cup.

Qatar wanted to emphasize the innovative solutions they conceived for the event, tackling any potential challenge. Stereolize summarized and visualized in a 35 minutes presentation the 750 pages Bid Book. Certainly, FIFA Technical Inspectors had never seen anything like it.


Indeed, clever animations, flythroughs, and smart use of the holographic screens helped the audience forget the actual dimensions of the room. As a matter of fact, we achieved to create the feeling of riding through Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

As in Qatar 2022 claim, we wanted the audience to “Expect Amazing”. Members of the FIFA Committee themselves stated that they had never seen anything like this presentation before.