Festernbau Frontale 
Nuremberg, Germany

A corporate event to revolutionize product presentations

A corporate event is something serious. Especially when it happens during a trade show and the reason for it is to launch new products. However, one of the major goals any company wishes to achieve is to be remembered. Because the event has to have an impact on the audience. This impact has then to convert into a commercial return. Profine wanted something to be remembered for. Stereolize designed an event on the show that would include live performances and stunning real-time graphics.

A corporate event with style: mixing live performance with real-time graphics

Corporate event with style. 

Live performance and real-time graphics on stage as a new form of corporate event

Windows profile manufacturer Profine attended Fensterbau Frontale wanting to awe the audience. They developed a completely new concept for their presence at the trade show. This was a preparation that went on for months before the exhibition started. 

The ground was set for a new approach to product presentations. Thus, Stereolize worked its way by combining the core facts with Vegas-style entertainment on the floor of the exhibition. We excluded PowerPoint-based slides with real performers and added real-time graphics in the background to create an astonishing show that people would indeed remember. 

A performer dancing in front of the LED wall on the background
Another artist performing in synchronization with the graphics on the background
Graphics and live performance combining together

Emotional visual storytelling.

Specifically, Profine was able to deliver an engaging and emotional visualization of its story. The space of the stand was converted into an enchanting theatre. For visitors at the exhibition, this was a unique invitation to visit Profine’s stand.


Together with an international group of artists, dancers and performers, Stereolize developed four playful tales. Each tale had a completely different story, music, and fairy-tale like scenario and landscape. This visual storytelling effort was translated to work in a corporate event environment. It carried Profine’s messages and information, but in a completely different style than usual. At the frontier between digital and real-life art, we offered vivid and entertaining images that took the visitors by the hand. They were introduced to Profine’s work of excellence in their industry.

The theatre.

We installed two LED walls with a total size of 22 by 4 meters. They served as a digital backdrop and every single show ended in a grand gesture. A giant moving door next to the screens opened and invited the visitors into the walk of products.


Stereolize was involved in the process since the very beginning and created the entire communication concept. This included the main visuals as well as its multiple presentations. This holistic concept was based on a detailed analysis of the brand. As a consequence, the final outcome for the Profine was a complete success.

Sketch of the technical setup in Profine's stand
In this diagram, we can see the size of the screens for this corporate event