Sales Convention Bosch Hausgeräte
Dusseldorf, Germany

A creative presentation to boost Bosch sales convention

A creative presentation for Bosch that became a full multimedia show

Bosch needed a creative presentation design that would change the way the company approached these events. For their annual Sales Convention Bosch Hausgeräte, they relied on Stereolize to enhance the experience for the audience. In record time, we were able to study the overall goals for the presentation and its core content to work on a compelling multimedia show.

Creative presentation for a successful brand.

Bosch was going to host their annual sales convention at the Maritim Hotel in Dusseldorf. One of the things they wanted to avoid was to organize a conventional event in which PowerPoint presentations would run one after the other with no real thrive involved.

At this point, Bosch decided to work with Stereolize to change their way of doing presentations, trusting in our work to deliver something else, something special. Of course, Stereolize had to base its work on what Bosch wanted to convey. We wanted to produce an environment where corporate presentation design could make room for performance and different multimedia experiences.

A creative presentation that is meant to deliver a show but also PowerPoint driven presentations
Another spectacular moment in which compelling visuals are used to enhance Bosch's products

Flexible environment.

At first, we worked on the actual presentation infrastructure. Our unconventional presentation design inspiration brought us to blend high-end real-time graphics with PowerPoint content that speakers could hand in shortly before the event. This translated into a new level of flexibility for Bosch. Speakers could input their content up to the very last minute.

As a consequence, we could also focus on the multimedia show that intended to showcase the latest devices from Bosch and their specific features. But, for this purpose, we would use a more creative approach than the typical presentation format.

All the elements.

In addition, we installed a multi-layered 15 by 3 meters projection screen. We would lift its front part during the show to reveal an extra stage with projection mapping areas onto the actual cooling devices.

In the end, Bosch delivered two fully interactive keynote presentations. Also, the interactive multimedia show included custom composed music. Finally, we were able to embed several PowerPoint presentations in the mix to show the features of the Bosch family of products in a completely new way.

This is how we transformed a corporate presentation into a full multimedia show