Mamemo Productions

Holo Deck, Abu Dhabi Department of Transport
Abu Dhabi, UAE

A holographic display to remember

The holographic display Stereolize delivered for the Department of Transport of Abu Dhabi was another way to demonstrate the full potential of the Surface Transport Master Plan of the Emirate. Again, Mamemo Productions designed a powerful concept to immerse visitors in a unique space: the Holo Deck.

The Holo Deck is a holographic display that immerses the visitor inside Abu Dhabi's transportation network of the future

Holographic display of the future. 

The holographic display is the result of the need of a multimedia presentation that could make visitors immerse in this space

Sam Katiela and his team at Mamemo Productions had an idea to deliver an amazing immersive experience to showcase the development of the integrated transportation system for Abu Dhabi. The Department of Transport of the Emirate needed a space that would impact visitors when shown the future effects of its Surface Transport Master Plan. 

Keeping in mind previous positive experiences, Stereolize understood that this multimedia presentation should have fully immersed the audience in the topic of public transportation. If this was the case, then it would have been much easier to point out the positive effects of the Master Plan. Everything would have made sense, as the visitors would have been “inside” the network. 

Graphics, evocative images of Abu Dhabi and space would play with the visitor to break the barrier of the actual box
The Holo Deck would also include real video footage of the Emirate
Like a roller coaster ride, visitors were transported through the Emirate

How to make it immersive?

Immersive experiences are not an easy concept to develop. They require a thorough work of preparation, in which you define the space and how this space is going to interact with real people to create unique experiences.

Therefore, the tricky part was to plan how to introduce visitors to the world you want them to understand and interact with. Finally, creating an immersive space took us to consider a holographic experience. But how do you make a holographic display of this nature?

The Holo Deck.

This is how we conceived the Holo Deck. This was going to be the place to open people’s minds towards transportation and how this Plan was going to play a key role in Abu Dhabi’s future.


The Holo Deck is a 14 by 14 meters cubic projection box that incorporates a 360 degrees seamless projection that covers all four sides of the room and also the floor. Visitors that entered this space would join a journey through different topics related to transportation and the Emirate itself.

Of course, the main goal was to eliminate the barriers of space, almost as if visitors were standing in a roller coaster ride, a safer although  intense one. They would really experience how transportation is evolving in Abu Dhabi by being part of it.

A diagram of how the Holo Deck was set up by Stereolize