Berlin, Germany

A showroom for Microsoft coming to life in Berlin

A showroom with style for Microsoft's office in Berlin

The showroom’s content has been entirely produced by Stereolize. Our goal was to go live with compelling 3D content and transform Microsoft Deutschland’s new branch office into an extraordinary experience for visitors. We developed stories that would convert the space into an authentic forum for Microsoft’s activities.

The showroom Microsoft was looking for .

Microsoft opened a new branch office in the very heart of Germany. Microsoft Berlin is not just a common working space. The company wanted to distribute the space in a way that could benefit some of its most relevant communications activities. This is why the working space is accompanied by other sectors, such as a café and a business area that comprises a lounge and a showroom.

Indeed, the showroom is spectacular in its layout. In this case, we are talking about an ellipse-shaped showroom. Surely, this shape makes the whole space perfect for the impressive 270 degrees projections. However, Microsoft wanted to leverage this special feature with compelling content. This is why the commissioned Stereolize to come up with concepts to produce engaging content for Microsoft’s visitors.

The showroom has an elliptical shape that allows a 270 degrees surrounding projection
A 3D sketch of the setup for the showroom
The content for the showroom reproduces a 3D virtual environment

3D interactive showroom.

The showroom design allowed us to work on immersive experiences that would fit with the main topics Microsoft wanted to be present at all times. As a matter of fact, the showroom was planned to go live and become the venue to illustrate and discuss important social issues. Microsoft needed the showroom to be a place where to launch different PowerPoint presentations. Specifically, these contents were adjusted to cover each of the topics that mattered to the company.

For Stereolize, the work had to visually enhance the way visitors would live the content. For this reason, we built different and individual 3D worlds that could give the viewer the impression of being right in the middle of the action.

Social visual storytelling .

As an illustration, topics touched a large variety of issues in today’s society. For instance, we had to unveil content related to climate change, modernization, urbanization, and safety, among others. In this case, safety had different variables such as cyber-crime. Therefore, we would go into more depth and explain Microsoft’s role in tackling this problem and clarifying possible scenarios.

Another example of the complexity of the project could be the One Microsoft Story in which pictographs define how the company supports activities in our everyday life, since the moment we wake up until the day is over.

The overall result is a showroom where Microsoft addresses relevant issues and offers a space to openly discuss them. As a result, the company can easily demonstrate its role in making life easier for both businesses and consumers.

Screenshot of CityNext 3D content for the showroom
Content distribution and navigation on the screens
Another example of the way the content is displayed in the showroom
Connectivity is another big topic for Microsoft
This example is related to the topic of health