Middle East Event Awards

Award Ceremony
Dubai, UAE

An award ceremony the Stereolize style

A view of the award ceremony at the Middle East Event Awards

In this award ceremony, Stereolize did not only design the set and the entire content for the show. In fact, we acted as sponsor for the event. As usual, we offered our very best to deliver the best possible live event to honor the achievements of the event industry in Dubai and the Middle East.

Supporting the award ceremony.

Stereolize got involved as sponsor for the Middle East Event Awards as one of its sponsors. This ceremony honors outstanding achievements within the event industry in the Middle East. It is a very prestigious event in the region and gathers some of the most spectacular productions that are delivered every year.

As sponsors, we committed to the production of the entire content of the show, as well as the set design for the stage and performances. Of course, we felt that the best way to deliver was to use the background screens more as a part of the show than just mere support to the stage. Our idea was to eliminate the border between screens and space.

A view of the stage during the award ceremony
Presenters of the award ceremony on stage
Screens had to be installed in a way that they would look as freely floating in the space

Floating screens.

The concept we brought to life required the installation of screens in a way that the audience would perceive as floating in the air. We achieved this effect by rigging them in front of each other in a very specific pattern. Additionally, we used a living lectern that enhanced the whole sensation of floating elements.

Thus, graphics and videos where split and combined depending on the viewers’ perspective, creating a harmonic design for the stage that was carried along the entire live performance.

Complex setup.

This concept required a very thorough study. It resulted into a stunning 34 by 8 meters wall consisting of 20 different projection panels. These panels came in different sizes and depths. We then used seven projectors to display the content onto the panels. Everything came together by using custom made lecterns via projection mapping.

With this very special setup, the ceremony included the award nominations for 20 different categories. They were all accompanied by very elegant animations that we conceived to produce a spectacular show for the audience.

A diagram of how the screens would be installed to cover the stage