The bank of Tomorrow
Kiernan Plaza, Albany, USA

The banking technology of tomorrow at SEFCU

A look at the SEFCU showroom

Banking technology has gone through a huge transformation with digitization. This is why SEFCU wanted to display their vision of the bank of tomorrow in their headquarters in Albany (NY). Stereolize delivered an interactive showroom where visitors could see what their future branch will look like in the future.

Evolving banking technology.

Of course, a showroom is a space in which you want to propose an idea of things to come. Some of them might already be in place. Some others are still taking shape. However, SEFCU was aiming at showing banking technology as close to future reality as possible. The message was clear: this is real and this is happening. So, anything that Stereolize worked on had to follow this process of development, making it easy to incorporate new ideas as they are being brought to life.

Therefore, the main challenge that we faced was to design a showroom that is flexible enough to progress and be maintained by SEFCU, in ways that allow them to apply features that would be added in this evolution process. This approach would demonstrate that the future is indeed here.

Multi-functional showroom.

In particular, we had different ways to approach this project. The first one being the main theme (the bank branch of tomorrow), which focuses directly on the visitor. This had to be done in the eyes of the client. Thus, the content had to show the new banking technology innovations that the user would be able to enjoy and benefit from. These are a sum of innovative ideas for banking operations that have to be reproduced in a closed and hypothetical environment but that had to work as in real life.


In addition, due to the very nature of SEFCU’s social engagement, we had to make sure that all the items would also include strategic corporate pieces of information that enhanced the bank’s social responsibility activities.


Finally, the space had to work not only as a showroom. It also had to function as an area where SEFCU’s staff could organize presentations and other events to host when certain groups of visitors would attend. Everything we described needed a friendly and warm place in which people could walk around and experience for themselves SEFCU’s vision.

A screenshot of the content dedicated to visitors
In this screenshot we can see some of the activities available to users
In this screenshot, SEFCU's social engagement is represented
Panoramic view of the showroom in which banking technology is displayed

The elements.

All things considered, we then created a space that included a large video wall and a table, both of them with multi-touch capabilities.

These elements, in combination, offered different ways of usage to visitors, along with other more recognizable banking items, such as an advanced ATM machine.

Friendly interactive area.

The 164 inches video wall consisted of the configuration of a 3x3 LED panel. The table, on the other hand, included a 4K screen. All these devices were completely interactive, allowing visitors to through common banking processes, via an intuitive navigation system.


As an example, we included a loan configurator, where a user could understand the costs of this financial product by changing the corresponding parameters. This was just one of the products one could experiment with. All of them were configured in the simplest possible way to ensure a satisfying experience, such as the one any client might feel through an app on their device.

A view of the interactive video wall
A closeup on the interactive table being used by visitors

Cinema in a bank.

As mentioned before, the showroom could be turned into what we called “cinema mode”. This allowed SEFCU’s staff to use the installed devices as interactive presentation tools for small groups of visitors.

Visitors could get more information from the main screen via QR codes
Content is fully interactive on all devices, easily changed via a web-based CMS
Intuitive navigation to display tomorrow's banking technology
The interactive capabilities of the content also allow playing videos

Self-sustainable installation.

The maintenance of this showroom had to be easy for SEFCU. Adding new content was going to be a continuous requirement and there needed to be a simple connection with content that was coming directly from their Website.

This is the reason why, at Stereolize, we developed a very special feature. We delivered an extensive content management system. This solution makes it possible to modify every piece of content with a web-based interface. This approach is perfect to reduce complexity in operations and eases the learning curve inside the company..