reddot award 2017 winner-Biogen

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reddot award 2017 winner - Biogen Idec - Back in the Awards Business - We were recently awarded with another red dot for the UI development of our interactive installations


reddot award 2017 winner-Connected Car

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reddot award 2017 - Connected Car - Keep `em coming - Another red dot for Interface Design was given to our Connected Car that we developed for our client Corning


CORNING Investor Relations Meeting 2017

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CORNING - Investor Relations Meeting 2017 - The corporate event was held on June 16th in New York City at Chelsea Piers near the Hudson River. The location set the


Bayern Tourismus @ ITB

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- Bayern Tourismus @ ITB - As the Leading Travel Trade Show, ITB Berlin is the foremost business platform for global touristic offers. For the state of Bavaria and its


Volkswagen Group Media Night – Genf 2017

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Volkswagen Group Media Night - Geneva Motor Show 2017 - Since 2007 the Volkswagen Group has been traditionally introducing its novelties and innovations the night before one of the most


Corning @ CES Las Vegas

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CORNING - CES 2017 - Based on our successful strategic relationship, stereolize was asked to help bring the next evolution of Corning’s vision for advanced glass technologies to life at


Linde – Aluminum Fair 2016

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Linde – Aluminum Fair 2016 – Being the market leader in the area of innovative system solutions for the aluminum industry Linde was seeking for an equally innovative way to


Global Sustainable Transport Conference

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Sustainable Transport - for a better future -  During this year’s Global Transport Conference (globaltransportconference.gov.tm) a round of well-known UN members including Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon discussed the future of


EVO – Microsoft Consumer Channels Group

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EVO – Microsoft Consumer Channels Group – internal Meeting - In a record time of just 14 days we developed and produced a high-end interactive presentation for an internal event


VW Groupnight

VW Groupnight - The importance of design - On the eve of this year’s Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, VW’s Head of Design Michael Mauer was leading through the Keynote



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Linde - World of glass - How do you show what no-one can see? The world of combustion and glass technology is highly technically advanced and still not known by


Lange & Söhne

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Lange & Söhne - Dealer Convention - For several generations, the A. Lange & Söhne watchmakers have pursued one goal: to craft timepieces that are at the pinnacle of international



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Woltti/Wärstilä - Global perspectives - As a globally acting company, Woltti strives to picture the connection of all business lines and services resulting in an impressive network spanning over the


Ventuz training

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It’s all about the training When it comes to Ventuz, hands on experience is the most valuable currency. In order to gain that experience, Stereolize and Rayd offered some training


Stereolize @ Behance

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stereolize @ behance You can now check out all our projects, from classics to latest stuff, on our behance channel. Don’t miss out!


The Future of Productivity

The future of productivity The future of productivity lies behind devices. Futurists predicted the death of devices. Made real.


New Head of Design

Dennis Schäfer as new Head of Design Munich’s innovation specialists strengthen their team with the visionary designer and interface professional Dennis Schäfer. dennisschafer.com Stereolize, well-known for award-winning and interactive communication


Composites by Evi Radauscher

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Talent everywhere! Here is a example of things our people do in their spare time. Evi has turned out to be an excellent photographer and has established some amazing skills


Deloitte Greenhouse

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Deloitte Greenhouse Deloitte Greenhouses are cutting-edge physical spaces located around the world designed to help clients tackle their complex problems. They apply a tested set of principles that combine behavioral


New Senior Project Manager

Stephanie Zollner New Senior Project Manager Stephanie Zollner is our new Senior Project Manager since April 2016 and has already made such a difference for the entire company. In her