Mamemo Productions

Masdar City
Abu Dhabi, UAE

The entertainment event for the most sustainable eco-city

Spectacular entertainment event in the middle of the desert to promote Masdar City

An entertainment event outdoors in the middle of the desert is a real challenge. However, the scenery is absolutely perfect if the idea is to produce something amazing for the audience. In this case, Mamemo Productions asked us to come up with a unique interactive entertainment idea to showcase the most sustainable eco-city in the world: Masdar City.

Entertainment event in the desert.

Masdar City is an ambitious project in the Middle East. In fact, we are talking about the expansion of what is considered to be the most sustainable eco-city in the world. In the middle of the desert, Masdar City has become a reference and is renown for a series of activities that foment of environment-friendly international activities, such as, for example, the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

Mamemo Productions was the lead-agency to deliver a show to increase worldwide awareness on this urban project. So they asked Stereolize to work on a breathtaking multimedia experience that would take place outdoors, in the desert.

As a matter of fact, we decided that the desert itself should become part of the entertainment. Because it was the most stunning backdrop for the setting of this special event. Also, the stage and screen had to be set up in an unconventional way to enhance the uniqueness of the occasion.

A view of the performers floating in front of the screens
An example of the stunning visuals produced by Stereolize

Performance an visuals.

With this purpose in mind, we developed a show setup with three gigantic projection screens in portrait format. They would accompany a multimedia show with five performers. One of the performances was a stunning aerial act. All these artists were going to interact with the projection and one shadow performer, who played the role of the “maestro” in this visual symphony.

This entertainment event was divided into two main acts. The first part was the visual symphony with the five acrobats on moving ropes and the “maestro” visible as a shadow. The second one was the laying of a virtual cornerstone by his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

The setup of the projection screens and how the performers hanged with ropes for their show