Mamemo Productions

Qatar Airways | IATA Annual General Meeting 
Doha, Qatar

Event solutions that capture the essence of Qatar

Qatar Airways was to host the International Air Transport Association Annual General Meeting (IATA AGM) and was looking for event solutions that would provide a great show to enhance the essence of Qatar as a nation. The motto for the show was going to be Sentio: Manifesting a Destination - Qatar. Together with Mamemo Productions, Stereolize produced a signature international event full of visual and artistic performances.

Event solutions that offer amazing results for the audience

Emotional event solutions. 

Mamemo Productions and Stereolize worked together to produce a show for Qatar Airways, during the IATA Annual General Meeting. The special event had to focus on the essence of Qatar. Therefore, any artistic and technical solution had to fulfill the goal to promote the vibrant culture of the country.

We designed an interactive event in which the fusion of live performance, visuals, and theatrical music combined together to speak about the marvels of the Qatari culture and achievements.

The event had to show the world Qatar's rich cultural heritage
Qatar Airways hosting the annual IATA general meeting
Example of content related to Qatar as a gem to visit
Another example of how the content would look like on the screen setup
Diagram of the screen setup on stage

Space and performance.

Overall, the setup could not simply include some visuals in the background with live performances at the center of the stage. As usual, we looked for the interaction between performance and space. The stage was designed with that in mind. We would use the screens in the background to project vivid and powerful visuals including the great richness Qatar has to offer to visitors.


On the stage, performers would “touch” the background to trigger an explosion of content. In this case, they would interact with virtual 3D instruments and let the screens talk about art, history, amazing sites to visit, and a large etcetera of things to discover in Qatar.

Enhancing the cultural message.

The actual set was designed to be 3-dimensional because we wanted to use projection mapping on it. This would add an additional effect to the audience. As a consequence, we were able to create an emotional series of graphics and animations that served to display the country of Qatar in the best possible way.

After this successful show, Qatar Airways showed our work again at the Al Darb Qatarisation Initiative. This program focuses on the importance of investing in youth. The client considered that our content fully reflected the beauty and vigor of the country.

An event that included performance, technology, culture and tradition