#Multimedia Shows

#Live Performance & Compelling Visuals

Stereolize designs live events like you have never seen before. Our multimedia shows are impressive, well designed sceneries and visual stories based on the highest level of technical and creative know-how. Specifically, we deliver pure storytelling that combines real stage performance with graphics and videos. As a result, we offer the audience the unique chance to play with their imagination during groundbreaking ceremonies and shows. Because audience participation is crucial for the success of any show and event.

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Events from concept to setup

From concept to stage setup, from storyboarding to the final running order, Stereolize designs a fusion of vibrant performances, striking imagery and theatrical effects. These create emotional multimedia pieces that reflect in full the beauty of the events themselves.

 Live events production for us means to erase the boundaries between space and audience. This can be applied to award ceremonies, playful presentations, official launch events and more. Basically, we define custom composed elements to underline a series of effects we want to convey.

Events like nobody has ever seen before
The event included live performances like this group of dancers on stage

Combining all the elements

​All of a sudden, the use of techniques such as projection mapping on a 3D set, real-time graphics and animations, along with dancers, music and lighting, acquire a new dimension that translates into a real visual symphony. For this reason, we coordinate different crafts in a clever way to guarantee a smooth production.

Particularly, Stereolize has a lot of expertise in applying interactive ideas and event solutions to synchronize what has been planned to happen on stage, like the movements of performers, with the whole multimedia show surrounding them, in ways that are split and combined depending on the viewer’s perspective.