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Stereolize has been working on exhibition design for more than two decades. However, we don’t just create booth concepts. We apply interactive exhibits ideas to create dynamic spaces that connect visitors with brands and the information that is displayed. Consequently, the user can easily navigate to and from any point within the environments we design.

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Exhibits made special

Our idea of a successful design concept is that an exhibit has to inform, entertain and make the brand an inspirational ground to interact. For this reason, we apply elegant design in sophisticated ways. All of it is defined by a very distinctive methodology that makes Stereolize a unique partner to work with. We are special because of the way in which we help driving visitors’ attention to products and brands.

Exhibition at Under Armour's office in Munich
Visitors see augmented reality content around their reflection
MANN Filter's interactive table at Automechanika

Interactive and innovative

Any exhibitor wants to have eye-catchers to enhance the display of selected products. Our content specialists understand where and how to use different tools to achieve that. We successfully installed interactive exhibits, multi-touch applications, digital models, video walls and others. We customize spaces to leverage the best of their architectural design with graphics, interactivity and physical objects to deliver first class experiences for the visitor.

Exhibits that provoke an engaging experience need to be right for both the exhibitor’s staff (sales, marketing, etc.) and the visitors. So, we might use interactive elements to assist a spontaneous sales pitch. Also, we can include content generated by users. This content can be Social Media feeds that show visitors’ real-time reactions. As our work is also media-driven, we take care of using the right number of interactive elements to produce a friendly space in which brands and their audiences can interact with one another.

Concept in drawing of an interactive exhibit

Exhibits that tell stories

Again, Stereolize is about storytelling, no matter what space or the use case. This is why the story of an exhibit consists of different layers of descriptive information on specific propositions and topics. Therefore, when we breakdown the available space, we work really hard on understanding who is going to interact with what, how and where. This allows Stereolize to diversify the stories our clients want to tell, customizing them for each target audience we are expecting to receive.

Exhibition design is an art in which you want to use easy to understand iconic language. That is how you display success stories, interactive information, key insights on products and in-depth data visualization on what the visitor selects to explore.

What kind of exhibits?

Our exhibition design services spread in different areas. We can work for trade shows, visitors’ areas, themed venues like entertainment park, corporate spaces and events, museums and a many more.

Interactivity is the guide through the journey

Additional useful resources

If you want to expand your knowledge regarding the latest trends in exhibition design, we recommend a couple of informative Website where you can find examples (not only our projects) and how this market is evolving.

The first one is The Society for Experiential Graphic Design, an excellent place to hear from the experts, find a rich calendar of conferences on these topics and, of course, some beautiful examples of exhibition designs.

The second one is Dezeen, a great architectural magazine that comprises huge amounts of information and current news from the industry and design in particular. We recommend you land directly on their Exhibition Design section.