MANN Filter

Automechanika Exhibition 
Frankfurt, Germany

Interactive display that makes a difference

The S-shaped interactive display for MANN FIlter

An interactive display has to work as an eye-catcher and combine with the rest of the stand. MANN FIlter was looking for something special to create an exhibit that would call visitor’s attention at Automechanika. This is why Stereolize developed something that could serve multiple purposes at the same time.

An interactive display with personality.

For Stereolize, the goal was to create a product that would enhance the interaction between MANN Filter’s staff and visitors at Automechanika. Especially, we wanted to deliver a solution that could encourage casual meetings. Because it is important to make sure that visitors stop by, attracted by the content displayed in the stand. However, the content must also tell a compelling story that people would be willing to hear and engage with.

The center of it all.

After carefully studying what MANN Filter had to display, we decided to work on a central piece of attraction that would serve all our purposes. The idea was to create a central exhibit that more than one person could interact with at the same time. For this reason, we created an S-shaped interactive table that could be simultaneously used by various MANN Filter staff members at the same time, along with the visitors.

Undoubtedly, the success of this interactive display had a lot to deal with the way presentations were stripped down. Because they were transformed into playful and easy-to-understand iconic language.

As a consequence, the S-shaped table became the neuralgic center of the whole stand. This is why MANN Filter decided to re-design the rest of the stand according to this area, the heart of the space.

The concept of the table in drawing
MANN Filter's logo as part of the content
From concept to reality: the table being used at the stand
Configuration diagram showing how the projection works
Diagram showing the configuration of the markers
Configuration diagram showing how touch navigation works


In essence, this table consisted of five hidden HD projectors with infrared spotlights that allowed the surface to become fully multi-touch. Although it might seem an easy setup, it was not because of the peculiarity of the S-shape, which made the table even more attractive.

The navigation through the content was possible thanks to fiducial markers. In brief, these markers guaranteed absolute precision when somebody explored the content. At this point, Stereolize took advantage of the precision of these markers and designed specific gestures to open up and close down the content. This was possible up to the point that, with a marker, one could even switch language, for instance, from English to German.

Designing the presentations.

The flow of particles was the inspiration for the whole design concept. These particles would move through the animation. In this environment, choosing a product would filter the particles. In addition, the user could scroll through the products on the multi-touch table.

These key visuals became the blueprint throughout the entire stand as much as the central element of the interface design in the interactive display.

Simplicity and intuitiveness for the interactive display
Interactive display of the content
Content navigation designed

3D products.

It was really important to reproduce all the products MANN Filter wanted to display in the content of the interactive table as well. Thus, our team rebuilt these products in 3D, adding the capability of moving and rotating them in real-time, as if they were real. This is how we created a truly intuitive presentation experience that could match reality.

The 3D version of a product
The final concept of the table as an interactive display

The result.

To summarize, with the interactive display, Stereolize created a solution capable of showing content about MANN Filter as a company, its vision, and the products and their features as well, all in one place.