Dynamic IT Data Visualization for CeBIT
Hanover, Germany

Microsoft Dynamic IT services visualized at CeBIT

Microsoft Dynamic IT division needed a solution to display its services at CeBIT. Stereolize provided an innovative data visualization concept to guide visitors through this services. We focused on the details of each feature to showcase the benefits of working with Dynamic IT.

A view of Microsoft Dynamic IT data visualization for CeBIT

Microsoft Dynamic IT and enterprise. 

Microsoft Dynamic IT wanted to show how their services help prevent critical issues in today's enterprise infrastructures

Data visualization can serve many purposes. One of them is definitely the capability of diagnosing in real-time, no matter where. Microsoft Dynamic IT is a division that helps businesses in many ways. So we decided to focus on intelligent ways to view and keep under control different Microsoft server sites all over the world

This real-time data allows companies to immediately detect issues in their infrastructure and act quickly in case anything goes wrong. 

The scope, of course, is to show the importance of analyzing data, wherever it comes from, and contextualizing it to make it comprehensible enough to make decisions. It’s about security and performance. It’s about making sure that the “machinery” is always working at 100% of its capabilities. 

A view of the setup of Microsoft Dynamic IT area in the stand

Data visualization as an interface.

Stereolize developed a series of interfaces that would do just that. We added user-friendly features in a visual language that anybody could relate to. Ideally, data visualization has to guarantee that what you see on screen is immediately recognizable and understood.

We reproduced the server sites environments, showing relevant data such as temperature, level of security and the status of processors, among others. This simplified the Dynamic IT team’s work at the show. They could pick a location and talk about how their services ensure the correct functioning of a corporate infrastructure.

Live data.

Our graphical interface was receiving data via Microsoft SQL servers, coming from different locations in the world. These servers were feeding live data in. This is really important because the user will not see mere numbers only. They would see a graphical representation of all the elements involved.

Subsequently, the interface was displayed on a 3 by 2 meters video wall, consisting of 60 inches Backpro cubes from German manufacturer Eyevis.

A screenshot of the interface in which we can see how the system updates real-time data from all over the world
Critical data is analyzed in real-time in a visual way to allow an easy overview of the status of the IT infrastructure

Innovative working space.

We made sure the area was as innovative as the solution we provided. And Microsoft Dynamic IT’s area looked as much as possible as a real working environment. Thus, the setup consisted of a smart space in which to supervise the various server sites from all over the world that fed the main interface with data. At a glance, it was possible to understand the status of each server in terms of the many parameters we chose to display.

We also created a virtual desktop infrastructure. The reason was to allow booting and sharing each client directly from this environment.

The layout of the area had to be similar to a real working space to enhance the impact of the data visualization