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#Presentation Design

#Interactive Content Presentations

At Stereolize, interactive presentation design means to focus on visual storytelling. Because the story your speaker, pro​​​​duct or idea is telling will drive your audience to react to the message your company wants to send out. This is why we design presentations and shows that will always be considered as special by the audience, from the initial setup to the final content. This is our way to change how presentations are done today, by creating truly immersive multimedia experiences.

Porsche AG

911 Press Launch // Santa Maria. USA

Let the object be your presentation focus.

The new 911 had to be presented to the international press in an impressive information - and driving event in Santa Maria, USA. Any single information had to be directly linked to the car. We created a mapping projection onto the car, while the car itself was the presentation interface. The tilted turntable constantly moved the point of interest, making it the ultimate in projection complexity. The combination of the floor and the back screen environmental projection was never done before.

Corning Inc.

Corning ONE Wireless Launch // Las Vegas, USA

​Interactive presentation to surprise a Mobile World

Stereolize delivered an interactive presentation to Corning for CTIA, with a rear-projected screen in the background and an amazing holoscreen on stage.


#Exhibition Design

#New Interactive Exhibit Ideas

Stereolize has been working on exhibition design for more than two decades. However, we don’t just create booth concepts. We apply interactive exhibits ideas to create dynamic spaces that connect visitors with brands and th​​​​e information that is displayed. Consequently, the user can easily navigate to and from any point within the environments we design.


International Motor Show // Dubai, UAE

Interactive exhibition according to BMW.

Interactive exhibitions can be produced in many different ways. However, a brand such as BMW needs something special. This means that everything has to follow a specific style, especially in a demanding show such as the International Motor Show in Dubai. Different from anything else you could see at the show, Stereolize created something unique for such a prestigious client.

MANN Filter

Automechanika // Frankfurt, Germany

Interactive display that makes a difference.

An interactive display has to work as an eye-catcher and combine with the rest of the stand. MANN FIlter was looking for an exhibit to create an exhibit that would call visitor’s attention. This is why Stereolize developed something that could serve multiple purposes at the same time.


#Immersive Experiences

#Information Technologies

Interactive showrooms are one of our specialties. For Stereolize, the goal is to design areas in which visitors can immerse into real stories. And these stories are the live representation of a brand and its products. In a showroom, you want to present the current business strategy of the company, but also a clear vision of what the future will look like, both for your company and the visitor. Therefore, at Stereolize, we help our clients with their brand by displaying products, services and all the brilliant ideas related to them.


Showroom // Berlin, Germany

A showroom for Microsoft coming to life in Berlin.

The showroom’s content has been entirely produced by Stereolize. Our goal was to go live with compelling 3D content and transform Microsoft Deutschland’s new branch office into an extraordinary experience for visitors. We developed stories that would convert the space into an authentic forum for Microsoft’s activities.


Headquarters Showroom Desig // Melbourne, Australia

Interactive showroom design for Telstra.

When it comes to showroom design, the Telstra headquarters are a good example of how to create an immersive space for visitors. Leading telecommunications company in Australia, Telstra, chose Stereolize to create four real-life stories and show how communications will improve our lives in the future.


#Multimedia Shows

#Live Performance & Compelling Visuals

Stereolize designs live events like you have never seen before. Our multimedia shows are impressive, well designed sceneries and visual stories based on the highest level of technical and creative know-how. Specifically, we deliver pure storytelling that combines real stage performance with graphics and videos. As a result, we offer the audience the unique chance to play with their imagination during groundbreaking ceremonies and shows. Because audience participation is crucial for the success of any show and event.

Mamemo Productions

Masdar City // Abu Dhabi, UAE

The entertainment event for the most sustainable eco-city.

An entertainment event outdoors in the middle of the desert is a real challenge. However, the scenery is absolutely perfect if the idea is to produce something amazing for the audience. In this case, Mamemo Productions asked us to come up with a unique interactive entertainment idea to showcase the most sustainable eco-city in the world: Masdar City.


Festernbau Frontale // Nuremberg, Germany

A corporate event to revolutionize product presentations.

A corporate event is something serious. Especially when it happens during a trade show and the reason for it is to launch new products. However, one of the major goals any company wishes to achieve is to be remembered. Because the event has to have an impact on the audience. This impact has then to convert into a commercial return. Profine wanted something to be remembered for. Stereolize designed an event on the show that would include live performances and stunning real-time graphics.

Data Visualization

#Interactive Visualization

#Data Storytelling

Stereolize creates stunning data visualization applications by implementing real-time data into interactive graphics and applications. Above all, our goal is to make the use of data intuitive and easy to comprehend. In other words, data, for us, must be displayed in a way that facilitates decision making processes, whether for internal use or to engage with an audience.


Data Visualization with SAP HANA, Logistics & Energy Island

Data visualization examples that tell compelling stories.

These two data visualization examples for SAP accomplish one major goal in this field: transforming data into compelling and understandable stories. This is how companies can make decisions through Business Intelligence. In this case, we created two different types of visualization receiving data from the SAP HANA platform.


Dynamic IT at CeBIT // Hanover, Germany

Microsoft Dynamic IT services visualized at CeBIT.

Microsoft Dynamic IT division needed a solution to display its services. Stereolize provided an innovative data visualization concept to guide visitors through them. We focus on the details of each feature to showcase the benefits of working with Dynamic IT.