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911 Carrera S Press Launch
Santa Maria, USA

A new presentation format for the Porsche 911 Press Launch

Porsche 911 Press Launch

When Porsche had to launch the new 911 Carrera S to the international press, the presentation format was going to be key to show the evolution of one of the most iconic models by the German car manufacturer. Therefore, the main idea (and challenge) was to make sure the car was the real protagonist in the event. Any single piece of information has to be linked directly to the vehicle.

A unique presentation format.

We wanted to achieve a concept that would transform into surprising presentation design. In fact, we used projection mapping on the car to turn the new 911 into the presentation interface. This allowed the presenter to constantly interact with it. In the meantime, this interaction extended to the stage and the back screen.

Graphics would be projected on the car, standing on a tilted turntable that moved the point of interest depending on the feature or improvement that had been applied to the new 911. Of course, this type of projection was extremely complex and had to convey the right amount of information in the simplest understandable way for the audience. As a matter of fact, the combination of the car, floor, and back screen interactive environmental projection was never done before.

On this occasion, the projection highlighted a substantial modification on the design of the vehicle, while on the screen, journalists could see a data representation to explain what improvement this change provided. For this reason, both the speaker and the audience always had a clear reference to what was being presented.

Technical setup.

In this project, Stereolize used a mix of high-end technologies to create the desired effect. We applied 6 high-resolution projectors, position and laser scanners, and a fine pitch turntable, all together with a specially prepared 911 Carrera S vehicle.

Technical Setup - Car on stage
Technical setup - Car, mapping and screen
Technical setup: car on turntable
A detail of the projection mapping on the car

The projection.

With all this in mind, we combined the projection of the whole stage area, including the car and the floor. This was the foundation to display the content of the presentation. To this end, every new design element for this new model, in comparison to its predecessors, was directly projected on the car itself.

The turntable.

Another very important element was the turntable. Its movements were triggered interactively via a remote connection to a control system, which had to be cutting edge to achieve our goals. Several positions, which were relevant to the show, were previously programmed to ensure absolute precision in the outcome of each movement.

Car on the turntable concept

The car as the interface.

In essence, the vehicle had to be the protagonist. Thus, the mapping on the car responded when touching specific parts. As a result, the respective content appeared in real-time on the presentation screen.

The car used as an interface by touching its projected parts
Example of the design concept for the launch
The car and the graphical elements on the screen in the background
Projection, movement and data on the screen

Outstanding presentation format for an outstanding car.

Stereolize combined projection, light, sound, and the turntable controls to make this press launch unique, as much as this vehicle. The new Porsche 911 Carrera S constitutes a masterpiece in German engineering and innovation. Stereolize created a presentation format never seen before to match the car’s outstanding design and performance.