Press Launch, USA

Porsche 911

let the object be
your presentation focus.

The new 911 had to be presented to the international press in an impressive information- and driving event in Santa Maria, USA. Any single information had to be directly linked to the car.

We created a mapping projection onto the car, while the car itself was the presentation interface. The tilted turntable constantly moved the point of in­terest, making it the ultimate in projection complexi­ty. The combination of the floor and the back screen environmental projection was never done before.


technical setup

6 high-resolution projectors, position- and laser scanner sensors and a fine pitch turntable as well as one specially prepared 911 Carrera S.

ventuz projection

A combined Ventuz projection of the whole stage area,including car and floor was set up to lay the foundation for displaying the content.
The new design elements and features were directly projected onto the car itself.

the turntable

The turntable was triggered interactively via a remote connection to a cutting edge turntable control system. Several positions relevant for the show have been preprogrammed to ensure absolute precision.


outstanding design and performance

The new 911 constitutes a masterpiece of German engineering and innovation. In order to match up to its outstanding design and performance we have created a presentation format truly never seen before.





We transformed the car into the interface.

By touching specific parts. the mapping on the car responded and the respective content appeared in realtime on the presentation screen.

all combined

Projection, light, sound, and turntable control were all combined to make this press briefing set standards, as much as the new Porsche 911 has done.


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