International Motor Show Dubai

interactive mirror

For the Dubai International Motor Show we were asked to develop a new kind of interactive exhibit that would draw the visitor`s attention and inform them at the same time.

connect the visitor
with the information

A device that would connect the visitor of the BMW booth with the information he could retrieve there.
That would link him to the brand and make him connect with the image and look and feel of BMW.
We invented the BMW “mirror steles”.



technical setup

A special spy-glass mirror was installed in front of a 65” LCD screen. A hidden “Kinect” tracked movements and
height of the visitor. Interface-elements would then appear around the
reflected image of the person interacting with the device.


face detection and analysis

A custom-made software by Fraunhofer Institut even tracked the mood
of the person interacting. A special feature was the possibility
to take a short clip of this interaction, which was then streamed
to the Facebook page of BMW Dubai.


augmented information

The mirror steles were developed to enhance the display of selected models. The overall requirement was
to show the connection between the individual visitor with the BMW-brand and their products.

Visitors could step in front of the installation which would then show an interactive menu
that opened around the reflection of the person in the mirror.

This augmented image of the person together with the reflection of the actual car and the
futuristic interface could be navigated through simple and intuitive gestures.
This way additional information on the car could be retrieved.



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