Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf

For their annual Sales Convention BOSCH Hausgeräte
wanted to change their way of presenting.
However with limited time to transform all of the content
into stunning Ventuz presentations, we had to come up with different
ways of enhancing the presentation experience for the audience.



We created a presentation infrastructure that would allow us to
implement high-end Ventuz graphics as well as Power Point content that
the speakers could just hand in shortly before the event. In addition we
developed a breathtaking multimedia show to showcase the latest
cooling devices and their specific features through a more creative
approach than just another presentation.


Technical Setup

A multi-layered 15 x 3 m projection screen. The front screen could be
lifted up during the show to reveal an extra stage with projection
mapping areas onto the actual cooling devices.



With two keynotes realized completely in Ventuz, one stunning
interactive multimedia show with custom composed music and several
embedded power point presentations, this event showed the versatility
of the Bosch products in a new way.


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