Corning @ CES

Las Vegas

   Corning’s innovative glass technology promises a world in which
every glass surface can potentially become an interactive interface.
The booth concept embodied this promise by showing five different scenarios
of everyday life, where Corning’s products can revolutionize the way in which
we interact with devices and, consequently, with each other.


Connected Car

The Connected Car is a concept for a futuristic vehicle that uses Corning® Gorilla® Glass to offer new and efficient ways to navigate in a connected world.


With multitouch displays on the driver and passenger side as well as an enhanced center console, the Connected Car provides all functionalities known from a usual car, but displays them in an elegant design and allows improved interaction. Additionally, the center console serves as an entertainment center with full internet access, turning the vehicle into an office or living room.


While the design concept picks up on the known iconography to offer as much familiarity to the driver as possible, the arrangement of graphics serves for more efficiency and a better driving experience.


Customization allows each driver to create their own layout, while clear contrasts and reduced animations provide optimal visibility under all weather conditions.


Retail Window

Exploring new ways to window-shop, the Corning Retail Window is a concept for an interactive glass storefront that uses the sophisticated Corning glass technology to engage customers even before they enter the store.


With full interactivity, the Retail Window provides product information and shopping opportunities on three levels. The first level consists of the interactive window itself, onto which a selection interface is projected. Since the transparency of the glass remains intact, visitors have a good view of the second level: the physical exhibits. An additional design element here are Corning’s light-diffusing fibers, which respond to the user’s actions on the glass interface. At the third level, a digital display shows in-depth information on the selected items. All three levels are linked and operate as one consistent system.
The Retail Window also offers additional value when not in direct use. With a multitude of animation possibilities, retailers can draw attention to sales and new products. Due to the transparent nature of the display, no real-estate in the window is lost and physical exhibits can take up the same amount of space as before.

Kitchen Hub

The “Kitchen Hub” as an appliance demonstrates RFID management of
items in the refrigerator and features online shopping functionalities for swift restocking.


Collaboration Surface

Focusing on the way we work, the “Collaboration Surface” enables
a group of people to develop and share ideas and documents.


Infotainment Wall

The “Infotainment Wall” functions as a giant interactive media player with additional info widgets such as news, stocks, weather and many more.



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