Department of Transport

mamemo productions // Abu Dhabi

Sam Katiela and his mamemo productions team created a
new idea for an event for the Department of Transport in
the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The entire event showcased the
future plans for an entire integrated transport system for
the emirate, the so called Surface Transport Master Plan. B
efore learning all about the Plan, we wanted the visitors
to be attuned to the subject of public transportation
by an immersive multimedia experience.



We needed to come up with a solution the visitors
could truly be immersed in.
A world that they could escape to,
in order to have their minds opened
to the information they were about
to consume later.


Technical Setup

On the so called Holo Deck, a 14 x 14 meter
cubic projection box that had 360 degrees
seamless projection on all four sides of
the room and also the floor, the visitors
were taken on a journey through the different
aspects of transport and their emirate.





The so called Holo Box left visitors of the
event breathless. Standing in the Holo Box the
animations of the content that were literally
all around the spectators made them feel like on a
rollercoaster-ride through the world of transportation.


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