Bidding Nation Qatar

Atkon AG // Doha, Qatar

The state of Qatar aimed to bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Competing against nine football nations they were the only one
with almost no existing football infrastructure.


We created a virtual environment of Qatar in 2022 that displays
all the great ideas which formed Qatar’s concept. In order to strengthen
the bid, we wanted to address and contradict all critical issues against
hosting an event like this in a country like Qatar. The story had to relate to the
country’s tradition and their responsibility for the future.

Technical Setup

A 270-degree projection made up of 36 projectors
surrounded an 8 x 8m living room scenario which was
encased with interactive projection glass.


glass cube with interactive screens

Within this round projection, the visitors were seated inside
a glass cube of which the front side consisted of holoscreens,
which served as an interactive projection screen for
further technical information on the different chapters.



The country´s Bid Committee has managed to find outstanding
and revolutionary solutions for every potential challenge to the bid.
The essence of the 750 page strong Bid Book was visualized by us
and put into a 35 minute presentation beyond comparison
to be shown to the FIFA Technical Inspectors.


The “World of Football” displayed the key points of the
transportation-, accommodation-, stadium-, security- and technological plans
for a successful World Cup in Qatar.


Through clever animations, flythroughs, and the intelligent use of the holo screens,
all realized and produced in Ventuz, the spectators lost the feeling of
the room dimensions and were actually put on a
rollercoaster ride through the world of football in Qatar.



Qatar´s concept to host the 2022 World Cup speaks for itself.
The presentation was an overall success and
the members of the FIFA Technical Team stated that
they had not seen a presentation like this before.
We believe that the world can “Expect Amazing” in 2022.


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