KAUST university

three monkeys creative consulting // Jeddah, KSA

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
celebrated their launch in Jeddah. Besides holding a stunning
celebration ceremony, they had planned a large exhibition to display all
sorts of information about their new university such as faculty members,
campus info and much more.


To install an eye-catching central installation that would
display the magnitude of this new project.
We chose a globe installation with interactive content.


Technical Setup

8m tall LED cylinder with 360 degree animations and four curved, edge
blended projection screens displaying a 360 degree animation.



This installation, as the center piece of the KAUST exhibition showed
animations that were synchronized to each other. A fully immersive
environment was created in Ventuz. A spherical projection displaying a
virtual earth was sitting beneath the LED cylinder. The visitors controlled
the information displayed on the earth by four touch screens.

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