Microsoft Dynamic IT

CeBIT Hannover

On the Microsoft exhibition booth at CeBIT, the division Dynamic IT
needed solutions to show the detailed function of their services.


The intuitive visualization of data is becoming more and more relevant.
We wanted to develop an intel¬ligent overview of over different Microsoft
server sites all over the world. Showing temperature, se¬curity or processor
status and many more demands in an iconic and user friendly visual
language and interface.

Technical Setup

Interface to Microsoft SQL servers in several locations to feed live data
into custom-made interactive Ventuz graphics. All of this was shown on a
3 x 2 wall of innovative 60” full HD backpro cubes from eyevis.


The second big innovation on the Microsoft stand was the area for Dynamic IT.
Here we created an intelligent overview in Ventuz of different
server sites all over the world with live update of different data that
showed the status of each server and the clients in terms of temperature,
security status and many more. Through a virtual desktop infrastructure
servers and clients could be remotely booted, shared, etc.

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