Under Armour


Sports article manufacturer Under Armour opened
their new headquarter in Munich and asked us for support.
They had planned a historical walkway through the new office premises,
displaying the different stations of their success story.
And we came up with some solutions for the “future” part of the event.



To showcase some innovative and futuristic devices that would
underline the displayed content about the present and
the future plans of Under Armour.


Technical Setup

We installed two interactive holo Screen and
an interactive globe from our partners Mediascreen.



The highly innovative devices showed interactive information and
left the visitors, including Kevin Plank, founder and
CEO of Under Armour in awe. The interactive globe showed
the openings of new branch offices worldwide with information
on the opening year and the exact location.
The two holo terminals featured a cool interactive mesh
that was enhanced with information on latest sponsorships
of sportsmen and –women, live feeds of social media
on the actual event and a really cool drone
flight over the area during the event.


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