United Visions // Geneva International Motorshow

For the most important get-togethers of the Volkswagen Group,
the Volkswagen Group Nights before the start of the biggest
international motorshows, require extra special presentation set-ups.
At the Geneva International Motorshow we were asked to join in on the content side.



For the presentation of 12 different top-brands in front
of the who`s who of the automotive press representatives,
an ever changing presentation infrastructure for each brand
was the idea. The presentations for each brand should
differ not only in colour and CI, but also in
general screen arrangement.



Presentation Backgrounds


Presentation Arrangements

Technical Setup

10 LED panels, each 3 x 1 meter
were mounted onto 10 robotic arms
that would move the screens into 12 different
alignments for each presentation.



We created the presentation content for all twelve CEOs
of the Volkswagen Group brands and an additional presentation for
the CEO of the entire Volkswagen AG, Martin Winterkorn.
“Moving Technology” was the slogan of the evening and
this credo was perfectly translated to the more than
impressive set-up. 10 almost 3m high LED panels were
each mounted to a robot arm. These robots with the screens
formed an ever changing media backdrop throughout all
different parts of the group night. Since we love robots,
we appreciate to have been part of such an extraordinary event.


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