mamemo productions // Abu Dhabi

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is an award that was
launched within the World Future Energy Summit in
Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is awarded to those who have
made significant contributions in the field of
future energy. The award, which is modelled on the
status and integrity of the Nobel Prize is set to
be one of the driving forces behind
energy solutions in the future.



Put on a multimedia show that the world has never seen before.


Technical Setup

On a variable screen set-up that was 32m wide and 5m high
with movable screens and a 16m wide and 2.50m high LED strip that
could shift up and down, the story of the Zayed Future Energy Prize
was told in form of an 18 minute visual symphony with an ever changing scenery.
Performers were moving on two levels, interacting with the projection and
through special props such as movable gauze screens that were
partly transparent, amazing effects could be generated.



All in all the Zayed Future Energy Prize was a show of
superlatives and required the highest level of technical and
creative understanding and know-how. Many different crafts had
to be coordinated cleverly in order to guarantee a smooth production.
The outcome was an 18 minute multimedia extravaganza that is still talked about today.


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