Smart Tab Launch (with Scala Mice) 
Istanbul, Turkey

Product presentation for Vodafone Smart Tab

This product presentation used a scaled replica of the real Vodafone Smart Tab

A product presentation has many ways to achieve its goal. There are a lot of examples of how to make the product shine. Unique presentation ideas can make a difference in how the launch will be perceived by the audience. This is why Stereolize, in cooperation with Scala Mice, decided that the best way to present the Vodafone Smart Tab was to reproduce the device itself as the screen for the event.

Creative product presentation.

For the launch of the Vodafone Smart Tab in Istanbul, the communications giant chose one of the fastest growing business hubs in the region. Scala Mice and Stereolize had to come up with a top-class creative presentation idea. 

In this scenario, we wanted to show all the potentialities that such a device would have for Vodafone’s clients.

Therefore, we developed an interactive presentation on a screen that duplicated the actual Smart Tab. The purpose was to allow the presenter using this backdrop as if it were a real tablet. So, it had to be touch capable and should allow clicking and navigating exactly in the same way a tablet would. This would demonstrate the versatility and performance of the product.

The concept for the presentation.

Having this in mind, the challenge would then be to combine product feature of the device and relevant information that the presenter needed during his presentation. Stereolize worked on a content structure that included features such as launching an app or slide type resources to guide through the explanation. 

This setup was an excellent way to show actual Internet browsing, reading emails, launching multimedia content, etc. On the other hand, this would be accompanied by the key facts that supported the uniqueness of this device.

The product presentation for the Vodafone Smart Tab included using a replica of the device as the main screen
A view of the scenario where the presentation took place with the screen in the background

The technical setup.

In order to reproduce a scaled version of the Smart Tab, we used 3.8 by 2.55 meters screen. We included a radarTouch laser device that added the precise multi-touch functionalities needed for the speaker to use this screen like a proper tablet. As a matter of fact, the screen perfectly matched the real interface any user would see when in front of the tablet. Indeed, we wanted it to be perfect.

Like a real tablet, the Smart Tab replica had apps and a menus that could be used as a multi-touch surface

Combining apps and key facts.

As we mentioned, we included all the main apps the device carries by default. In addition, we structured the key facts of the product presentation including appealing graphs to explain the product in detail.

In this screenshot of the content on the screen, we can see the representation of key facts to support the presentation
All the content was optimized to use both Vodafone's corporate identity and the tablet's look and feel

Entertainment and information.

We wanted the speaker to be able to show the technical specifications of the Smart Tab. Furthermore, it was important to cover areas such as key trends, and the evolution of mobile devices, describing Vodafone’s portfolio of tablets. This would make the presentation more entertaining for the audience.

Evidently, all this content had to include videos, 3D animations and graphs, and features such as scrolling and sliding through the different items. All of this would fit nicely into the very stylish setting that Scala Mice created for the occasion.

A picture of the presenter with the sized tablet in the background