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Interactive showrooms are one of our specialties. For Stereolize, the goal is to design areas in which visitors can immerse into real stories. And these stories are the live representation of a brand and its products. In a showroom, you want to present the current business strategy of the company, but also a clear vision of what the future will look like, both for your company and the visitor. Therefore, at Stereolize, we help our clients with their brand by displaying products, services and all the brilliant ideas related to them.

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Our idea of showrooms

We design showrooms from turnkey to single installations. These installations will tell a consistent story in terms of architecture, interior design, technology, and the content to be displayed. All these elements bring us to the development of a coherent and impactful communication on the important topics that our clients wish to focus on.

A look at the SEFCU showroom
A 3D sketch of the setup for the showroom

Showroom of the future

We conceive interactive ways to for the visitor to navigate through the different processes. If you want to show the future, you must make sure to cover all topics and information in the most compelling visual way. This is how we choose which devices and technologies will have a relevant role and where. The content that we create aims to offer immersive spaces in which everything is connected.

These multimedia installations offer a unique opportunity to companies to converse with their clients and prospects on a one to one basis and in a controlled environment. It is a place where marketing, sales, business development, and the market can meet. The goal is to create visual demonstrations that could be easily translated into a live environment. Immersive interactive showrooms are capable of transforming data and visions into appealing and highly exploitable presentation content. This allows your brand to work on the most complex services and break them down into understandable and entertaining forms of information.

A diagram of how the Holo Deck was set up by Stereolize

Innovative technology serving our purpose

All design elements and features inside a showroom must follow a precise flow of content and information. Within the physical exploration of an interactive showroom, we develop applications that consist of easy-to-use interfaces. These interfaces might be reproduced in large multi-touch video walls or tables. They can even be displayed in a spatial projection or a holographic experience. We blend 3D elements with real images, to create fresh iconography, recognizable to the user.

We work on these journeys and consider many things. For example, we study the interior, but also the potential color space. We work on clever animations and the intelligent use of screens. We might want to enable our clients to convert at any time one specific area into a potential stage for an outstanding presentation.

Easy to maintain

Regardless of the complexity in designing an interactive showroom, we also want to make sure that everything is sustainable, easy to update, and, most important, easy to maintain by our clients. This is why we also develop showrooms whose content can be fed via customized content management systems. These tools allow our clients to change every piece of content via web-based solutions.

The full view with the video wall and the holographic terminal