Mamemo Productions

Zayed Future Energy Prize Award Ceremony
Abu Dhabi, UAE

A special event for the World Future Energy Summit

There are occasions in which events need to special, very special. It is the case of the Zayed Future Energy Prize. This award was launched within the World Future Energy Summit, celebrated in Abu Dhabi. Its significance is based on the fact that it recognizes those who have made significant contributions in the field of future energy. Mamemo Productions chose Stereolize to create a special show that would meet the standards of this noble cause.

A view of this special event: the Zayed Future Energy Price awards ceremony

major event with highest standards. 

The impressive stage from the audience point of view

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is an award that has been modeled on the same status and integrity as the Nobel Prize. The greater scope within its foundation was to become one of the driving forces behind energy solutions of the future. 

Stereolize worked closely with Mamemo Productions to deliver a multimedia show that the world had never seen before. The stage, the performances, everything had to be special. The result would turn out to be an experience to remember.

In essence, for us, the stage was going to be crucial to create the experience we wanted to achieve. We wanted everything to work in symbiosis: the performers and space had to interact to highlight the importance of the topic the award was addressing.

Performers playing with transparent screens on stage
A musician playing the cello in between the moving screens
Artists performing in two different levels on stage

Producing a visual symphony.

Our concept was about producing a visual symphony for the audience that would tell the Zayed Future Energy Prize story in a scenario that would constantly change and move. Therefore, Stereolize conceived a variable screen setup that was 32 meters wide and 5 meters high. This setup was accompanied by movable screens and a 16 meters wide and 2.5 meters high LED strip that shifted up and down.

Even more, performers moved on two levels. This would allow them to interact with different projections. We focused on some of the most amazing effects by making performers work with special props. For instance, they could use movable gauze screens, partly transparent, to play with light and projections.

Coordinating a complex show.

In order to achieve this stunning result, it took us a very deep creative understanding and know-how to work with this level of technical complexity. In the end, we managed to cleverly coordinate many different crafts at the same time to guarantee the smoothest production. All this expertise was concentrated in an amazing multimedia special event with a duration of 18 minutes.

Performance, graphics, projections: everything in sync for this special event