Telefonica Deutschland

B2B Kick-Off Event
Dusseldorf, Germany

The corporate event Telefonica was looking for

Telefonica wanted its kick-off meeting to be different from the usual corporate event

The corporate event was the Telefonica B2B Kick-Off event. It took place in the glamorous ballroom of the Maritim Hotel in Dusseldorf. Also, the slogan was Fight for Unite. All things considered, we were asked to deliver a show that would include an award ceremony and presentations, including stage setup, storyboards, and running order.

Corporate event according to Telefonica.

At its B2B Kick-Off event in Dusseldorf, Telefonica wanted to convey a message: Fight for Unite. This was an important event in which to reaffirm the leadership of the communications giant. Basically, Telefonica needed a company like Stereolize to take care of everything, keeping in mind their goal and making sure this corporate event was going to be entertaining and visually compelling.

So Stereolize was in charge of most of the production. As a matter of fact, we took care of all the concepts, not only for the stage but also how the show was going to develop. This included the running order of events of the event, which combined presentations and an award ceremony.

One of the presentations during the corporate event
A screenshot of the content in which we can see the slogan Fight for Unite
Another example of the graphics produced for the presentations
Stunning real-time graphics for the audience
The event included live performances like this group of dancers on stage

Infotainment at its best.

Our main task was to create visuals that would be in harmony with the slogan. Consequently, we developed all the content based on that. And it was a lot of work because we had to make sure there was enough high-end content to fill the entire duration of the show. This content included animations, graphics, and multiple presentations, among others.

However, simply creating content for Stereolize is not really enough. It’s the experience that counts. Due to the importance of the event for Telefonica, we wanted to make sure that everything was interesting but also entertaining.

Interactive, of course.

At this point, we decided that presenters should have been able to interact with the content itself. This is the reason why we worked on ways for presenters on stage to navigate through the content with simple gestures. They would control everything on the screen, which was a 14 by 4 meters LED wall that included a radarTouch sensor that enabled the interaction.

The main talent for this corporate event was the famous German TV star Barbara Schöneberger, who added even more glamour to the evening.

Famous TV star Barbara Schöneberger was asked to host the event