Under Armour

Headquarters Opening Exhibition 
Munich, Germany

Under Armour Opens Munich Office With A Futuristic Exhibition

Under Armour opened their new headquarters in Munich with style. They wanted to do something special, that would take people through their history. This is why they assigned Stereolize with the task of creating a unique exhibition to produce a different approach to explain the future of the sports apparel manufacturer.

Under Armour CEO and founder, Kevin Plank, looking at the interactive globe installed for the exhibition at their new headquarters in Munich

Under Armour in Munich. 

Under Armour's logo on one of the holographic screens installed during the exhibition

The opening of new headquarters for a brand such as Under Armour is no small deal. The company is quite accustomed to doing things with a certain style. In the US, for example, everybody knows their Brand Houses, located in some of the most representative cities in America. 

This time, more than a store, it was about introducing themselves to Munich, the location chosen to strengthen their operations in Germany. Therefore, they definitely wanted to make an impact when inviting their guests to know the new office. 

Under Armour's staff interacting with one holographic screen

journey to exhibit .

Under Armour had a clear concept in its mind. Specifically, they wished to develop a guided journey through their successful history that would end with an overview of their future plans. Undoubtedly, this was going to be a meaningful exhibition and the part dedicated to the future had to represent the company’s innovative soul.

At this point, they reached to Stereolize to conceive something that could apply to their vision. Our task was to showcase those futuristic solutions and devices that could enhance the content that displayed current and future plans for Under Armour.


Also, we faced an additional challenge. Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour would attend the event. So everything had to be in place to ensure the success of the exhibition.

Innovative display areas.

Being the venue an open office space, we produced a concept that would exactly match with Under Armour’s expectations. First of all, we installed two interactive holographic screens with full multi-touch capabilities. Then, we used an interactive globe from our partners Mediascreen.

All these devices allowed visitors to interact with the content that was displayed to them by touching them and calling the information they wanted to consume. For instance, the globe would offer the different milestones accomplished by Under Armour through their history around the world. Likewise, the same device allowed people to go through the offices that Under Armour has opened worldwide, with information about the opening year and their exact location.

The holographic screens were carefully placed in front of some of the most iconic products the manufacturer created and would offer additional references to what could be achieved and what was to come in the evolution of sports apparel.

At the same time, the screens also allowed visitors to reference to the latest sponsorships of athletes, with live Social Media feeds from the event and video footage that was being recorded and broadcast by a drone that was flying over the area during the exhibition.

Another example of visitors interacting with the exhibits