Mamemo Productions

Abu Dhabi Department of Transport
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Virtual transportation system shows Abu Dhabi of tomorrow

A virtual transportation system to show the new transportation master plan of Abu Dhabi

The transportation system in Abu Dhabi is in constant evolution. Mamemo Productions produced an exhibition for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport. The idea was to exhibit the brand new Surface Transport Master Plan. They could have used a physical miniature plan for this purpose. Instead, Stereolize created a digital model and added interactive features to the project.

Explaining the evolution of a transportation system.

Abu Dabhi's Department of Transport organized an exhibition to present the new Surface Transport Master Plan. It implied showcasing how transportation would evolve in the Emirate. This plan aims to ensure the sustainability of an integrated transportation system in the Emirate.

The challenge for this event was to display what was going to happen in a simple yet effective way. The content highlighted the effects of the plan on each different type of transportation.

The transportation system exhibit is driven by a screen that runs the content on the main LED
The virtual model shows in a interactive way how the transportation system works

An alternative to physical models.

Our proposed solution was an alternative to the more common physical miniature plan. Instead, we designed a digital model to show various layers of information. Among others, the model displayed new routes and lines that would open in the future.

Stereolize built a structure for a LED screen (5x6 meters). We then tilted it by 30 degrees to guarantee the best possible view from all angles. In front of it, we installed a touch screen with a navigation menu to browse through the content.

The content.

The content of the exhibit included different chapters. For example, one could find out about metropolitan or regional solutions. Also, it considered how the integration would proceed in the future. Visitors could view the policies that made the viability of the project possible.

As a result, it was possible to view all scenarios and their consequences in the years to come. As a reminder, the Surface Transport Master Plan is long-term. The resulting content on the main screen showed the evolution of the infrastructure, today and in the future.

The setup allows a better view from all angles on the content

Comparing today with tomorrow.

The information displayed in the presentation was very thorough. It required an interactive map that would indicate where the changes would take place. In addition, it explained how the plan tackles public acceptance and the way the infrastructure is supposed to grow.

For instance, what are the benefits of the implementation of a high-speed regional rail system? Which neuralgic points will it connect? To summarize, visitors would see the outcome of each policy in a realistic scenario.

The interactive nature of the exhibit is what allows visitors to see how tomorrow looks like for Abu Dhabi's transportation system