Wh​​​at we do.

We are dedicated to visual storytelling. Our solutions are intended to help companies changing the way they communicate to their market. There is a lot of effort in our work to understand our client's vision and translate it into something with a real impact in their audiences. We do not only deliver innovative and interactive products. We turn messages into impactful experiences.

We have a process.

It took years of experience to create the process that we have in place today. When we start a project, we dive deep into our clients' needs and work on holistic solutions that will indeed make a difference, independent of their application.

This is what we deliver.

We deliver high-end solutions for a broad series of markets and applications. We produce interactivity and user experiences, always bearing in mind intuitiveness and the uniqueness of the message our clients want to convey.

What we create.

If we have to define our work, there are five distinctive areas that can describe what we do. We produce presentations, exhibitions, showrooms, events, and data visualizations. But this is somehow reductive to the mere application of our solutions. We prefer to s​​​​ay that we build and craft immersive experiences in each one of these areas.

Interactive presentations that entertain the audience


Presentations are not only about showing a deck of slides to your audience. Today, the way you tell the story is as important as the message you want to tell. In fact, how you tell the story is what helps the message getting through. At Stereolize, we know how to deliver innovative and entertaining presentations to the most demanding audiences.


For Stereolize, exhibitions are spaces in which companies must focus on a coherent story that guides visitors through a path. This path can be a stand at a trade show or a very special venue in which to host a corporate event. We blend technology with storytelling to maximize the impact of the core message to the audience.

Interactive exhibits that engage your audience
A showroom in which the space is immersive for the visitor
Showrooms that inform and become a meeting point
A showroom where brands come to life


Headquarters and corporate spaces in general are transforming into places where to openly converse with a target audience. In order to create the right environment for this important conversation, Stereolize develops experiential showrooms where everything is possible: information displaying, presentations, meetings, you decide.


Our work in live events speaks for itself. We delivered some of the most amazing shows ever seen. We produced award ceremonies and outdoors spectacles. We blended live performance with stunning real-time interactive graphics. In summary, we worked to amaze and entertain audiences over and over.

Events that mix live performance with stunning visuals
Data Visualization

Data visualization is not brand new anymore. However, Stereolize goes a step beyond. Instead of just producing​​​​ nice looking dashboards, we create user interfaces that come to life with real-time data proceeding from very different sources to allow users comprehend at a glance what is happening and make the correct decision .