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Stereolize creates stunning data visualization applications by implementing real-time data into interactive graphics and applications. Above all, our goal is to make the use of data intuitive and easy to comprehend. Data has to be displayed in a way that facilitates decision making processes, whether for internal use or to engage with an audience.

The relevance of data visualization

With the massive adoption of Big Data and the Internet of Things, the visualization of data is more relevant every day. For this reason, our approach to data visualization focuses on bringing to life data, well beyond the use of graphs and charts. With the creation of graphics that represent real life applications, we show how datapoints affect the everyday activity inside a business or the real impact of a product in a client’s process.

Data storytelling

The main challenge in visualizing data is combining storytelling with the truly important statistics. This is how decisions are made. Our visualizations of data always tell a story, highlighting the important trends and patterns that data provides. But, instead of just showing an emotionless dashboard, we reproduce real situations in which this data is applied.

These stories can then be used by almost anybody inside an organization. However, for us the key element in data visualization is that is going to be consumed by humans. Therefore, every graphic or representation has to enhance those elements that make data more digestible and understandable to the eye. As a matter of fact, good data visualization is a combination of science and creativity, where the simplicity of its design plays in favor of the Business Intelligence that is required by every project.

Interactive design

Our job consists of designing presentations that combine simplicity with style and memorable visuals that keep the audience’s interest in what is being presented. So, any corporate presentation for us is an effort in assimilating our clients’ core message as our own.

To prove our point, we have many examples of presentations that Stereolize designed for clients with very different backgrounds, different experiences and different goals and messages to tell. We have worked in keynote speeches, investor meetings, product launches, and many more.

For Stereolize, a successful presentation is the one where the audience responds exactly as you envisaged before it takes place. The question we always ask our clients is: what would you like your audience to say about you, if asked after your presentation?

Additional useful resources

In order to understand how the world of presentations is changing, we would like to offer a couple of links to some very useful generic resources. They provide helpful tips that can be applied in any circumstance, regardless of the type of presentation, may it be a simpler PowerPoint and/or Keynote supported speech, or a more complex interactive setup.

What is wrong with presentations?

The reason for presenting is to change people´s minds.

Events, or how to connect with your audience.

You don´t just want to attract visitors. You want to talk to them! 

Can you look at your data and decide?

Data Presentation and visualization are now crucial to decision-making process.

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