Stereolize upgraded Knorr-Bremse’s mainly physical appearance with innovative exhibits and communication areas.

Core piece of our transformational work was getting to know the hidden needs of any target audience, as well as understanding our client’s complex fields of expertise and strategies. By conducting a series of workshops and interviews we laid the ground for a clear working foundation.

In a next step, we translated the workshop results and interview findings into requirements for the exhibit areas, followed by an overall architectural design concept for the exhibits and an individual storytelling concept for each of the exhibits.

In total we created 4 exhibits featuring 3 automotive megatrends, 2 presentation zones for visionary futuristic outlooks and 2 apps including a digital product portfolio.

The whole process of preparing the tradeshow-experience lead to cross-discipline thinking and enhanced alignment of different mindsets inside the company. The positive energy resonated in a strong can-do mentality across different business-units.
Experiencing a new innovative way to understand Knorr-Bremse’s vision initiated very positive customer feedback.

 what client says….

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