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Turning messages into impactful experiences

Stereolize develops interactive and customizable product- and company presentations. Our applications turn your messages into meaningful experiences. Integrated Content Management Systems and platform independent development ensure a flexible and versatile range of applications.

Storytelling & Design

Individual storylines and high-end 3D design help visualize complex matters in a comprehensive way.

Content Management Systems

Adjustable content and customizable versioning of your presentation.


Laptops, tablets, touch screens or web. We develop platform independently for a broad range of applications.

Interactive presentations

Our experts combine storytelling, design, and programming.


Interactive presentations allow for individual storylines. Depending on your audience’s previous knowledge and time available, contents can flexibly be selected and shown. Hence the order and depth of your presentation meet your needs in every case.

3D Design

Intriguing 3D-designs for your content ensure that complex matters are visualized in a comprehensible way. Our 3D-designs for product illustrations, data visualization, explanatory animations and infographics have won numerous international design- and communication awards.

Content Management Systems

Edit your app

Stay flexible and add new content, edit existing content, replace images or videos via CMS.

User Management

Define and control access-, read- and write-permissions for your team and select who can see and edit content.

Flexible Integration

Do you already work with a Content Management System? We are happy to integrate your new presentation application into existing infrastructure.


Cross-platform presentation applications for events, meetings, or websites.


To ensure versatile application options for your content, we develop for all major platforms and operating systems. With sustainability becoming ever more important, your content can be played on all common devices


Cutting-edge cloudrendering technology enables you to share your content with remote audience via web browser.

Some of our work

Virtual presentation for Corning:
Digital Concept Car

Customizable Sales Presentation
for Schleich

Digital company presentation with innovative
product explanation for Memmert

Cross-platform presentation with various
application possibilities for Knorr-Bremse

Try out the interactive
Stereolize demo presentation


Our clients

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